Beyond & Go Beyond

Robert Campbell, Rob Metcalf & Rebecca Robb Benne

Beyond is a six-level international secondary course published by Macmillan Education. It combines motivating material and cutting edge digital resources with life skills lessons and a comprehensive subskills syllabus. Video also plays a central role. All units contain authentic video footage, and speaking pages are brought to life by a teenage drama group who we filmed as they acted out the lesson dialogues with minimal prompts, providing an ideal model for students to follow. In my blog I report on the experience of teaching in class with Beyond.

Go Beyond is the American English edition of the course, reworked to suit the specific needs of the Latin American market.

For more information, visit the course websites:

English in Motion & Fast Track

Robert Campbell, Gill Holley, Gerard McLoughlin & Rob Metcalf

English in Motion is a four-level secondary course published by Richmond Publishing. Its key features include engaging topics, contextualised lanuage presentation and the personalised practice. There is also a strong focus on CLIL integration with culture and CLIL page in every unit. The course website for teachers and students provides extra activities and allows students to publish their work in an online dossier. 

Fast Track accelerates progress through the English in Motion syllabus and extends the course. The original four levels are covered in three books, and a fourth level, written by Gill Holley and Gerard McLoughlin, has been been added.