iT's Magazine, iT's for Teachers & Bits

My writing career started in the mid 1990s when I started contributing classroom activities to the magazine iT's for Teachers. Written, edited and pubslished by Robert Campbell, the magazine was highly popular amongst teachers because it provided us with a monthly delivery of photocopiable classroom material that was original, topical and fun to use in class. The magazine also featured informative and entertaining articles about teaching and the teaching world. I also contributed to Bits, the version of the magazine for beginner and elementrary-level students.

When the iT's for Teacher's website was launched, my job came to include writing interactive activities for magazine subscribers to use online. These grew into a pool of vocabulary and grammar-based practise resources that was linked linked to material in the magazine.

iT's English Activity Books

Over the years iT's Magazines have published a huge number of successful classroom activities. Many of these are topical, and can only be used for a limited time period, but others have become 'classics' that teachers can use again and again. This timeless material was made available in the form of the iT's English activity books, a series of topic-based resource books full of photocopiable classroom activities and accompanying teaching notes. The gallery shows the range of topics that they covered.

The iT's Grammar Pack

The iT's Grammar Pack consisted of 26 photocopiable units, one for each letter of the alphabet. Each unit had the name of a song title that reflected its grammar focus. Units started with a text, questionnaire or dialogue that contextualised the grammar, and was followed by carefully graded practise activities which all allowed students to personalise the langauge and use it immediately to exchange experiences or opinions with a partner. The Grammar Pack was co-authored by myself and Gill Holley, and born out of an project at International House in Barcelona in which we used iT's for Teachers in class instead of a coursebook. The project was successful, but we felt some grammar work was needed to supplement activities, and set about writing it ourselves.