Term 3: Revision & wrap-up

It's that time of the year again. With an oral exam in 2 weeks and a written exam in 3 weeks,  the class now needs to focus on reviewing work done during the year, and making sure students are familiar with the FC-style tasks in the exam. They need to do some real-time composition writing, and I want to spend time on making sure they're ready to interract with each other during the oral exam too.  So into revision mode we go ...


Everybody passed the exam, which was great news, but it's been a rewarding year for many other reasons. For a start, the group gelled really well and were a pleasure to teach. Then there's the fact that at least some students have been encouraged to watch things in English outside class. Owl Hall, my first experience of using a reader systematically with a group, was a resounding success, and puts using a reader in class firmly on the agenda for the future. And last but not least, I feel proud of how Beyond has worked. No coursebook is perfect, but the original angles we came up with for familiar topics when writing the course have consistently engaged students throughout the year. And generating interest is where it all starts!