Day 7 (Term 3): I can't stand ...

We spent the first part of today's class looking at verbs followed by -ing forms and infinitives. The students copied a table with three columns: verb + -doing | verb + to do | verb + do. I dictated verbs, and pairs had to decide which column - or columns - to write them in. This lead to a focus on how the choice of an -ing or infinitive form after a verb can change its meaning. We followed on with the corresponding grammar lesson from Beyond Unit 5, which is all about museums and collections. 

As a follow-up to the grammar lesson, we listened to the classic Police song Can't stand losing you, and they then spoke about the things they can't stand, and why. There's a worksheet for the song here, if you're interested.

After the break we read and listened to Chapter 8 of Owl Hall. The story is still keeping their interest, and students are starting to speculate about what's really going on. Is Owl hall really just a holiday home ...? Their homework is to read Chapter 9.

For the last 15 minutes, my students asked to watch a series without any activities. I felt uneasy about this, but then thought that if it was something they really wanted to watch, it would be 15 minutes of intensive listening practice, and would perhaps convince reticent students that they can watch things in English and understand enough to enjoy them. They chose the Netflix series Stranger Things.