Day 3 (Term 3): Easter & beyond

This was the first class after the Easter break, so we started with a speed writing task. I gave them 5 minutes with no planning time to write as much as they could about the holidays. Afterwards, they talked about what they did in small groups, and then told the class which member of their group had the best Easter, and why. This went well, I think because they'd already thought about what to say while writing.

To review language from the last class (past modals), we did one of my favourite speaking activities. I give each student a card with a criticism on it, for example: You shouldn't have walked home alone! Students had to say their criticism to all their classmates, who had to come up with an excuse. The person with the best excuse kept the card. The cards I used are here, if you're curious.

The main language agenda today was to review conditionals. This took some thought because my oldest students are 17 and very familiar with the way conditionals are named and structured, whereas my youngest student, who is 12, and hasn't formally studied conditionals at all. So I got the others to teach her how conditionals work. Doing that kept everyone engaged.

After the break we started a series of activities based around the reader Owl Hall, which I'll look at separately in the next post. And the class finished with us watching the first part of the first episode of the third series of Black Mirror. It's called Nosedive, and you can see its creator talking about it here. The theme of the episode feels really relevant to my students lives: a warning about how the future might look if the growing obsession with social media popularity ever got to the point where it defines our status in society. The students were gripped by it and want to see more. I'll post the worksheet when it's finished.