Day 2 (Term 3): Speculations

Sherlock might not have worked last week, but we continued with the theme of deductions today. I first got them to speculate what I had in my hand with could/may, can't, must. (I made it hard - it was a plectrum.) I then got them to speculate about what a mystery shopper is before checking their thoughts by listening to a conversation from Unit 8 of Beyond. (It's someone who's paid by a shop to act like a customer and assess the service they receive.) This lead into a focus on present and past speculative language and some controlled practise. They then came up with explanations for a series of situations like this: The kiosk in front of your house is closed. It's not a public holiday, and it's normally open. It was a fun activity that appealed to their imaginations. The other situations are here, if you're curious.

We went on to work with two songs that are connected by their titles: one very old (by The Beatles), the other recent (by Taylor Swift). I played the videos and asked them what the connection was, and what each one is about. I then handed out the worksheet you can find here, and got them to try and fill in the missing words before listening again. Some of them had trouble with the gapfill task in the exam, and this felt like a good way to give some practice. (The connection is should have, by the way!)