Day 1 (Term 3): A quiet start

A strange class to start term. Only about half the group turned up, with many away on exchange programmes or spending the day with their visitors. It was an opportunity to give plenty of space to speaking whenever the occasion arose. We started with an FCE-style listening from Unit 8 in Beyond, in which students hear a series of dialogues linked by the theme of customer service, and then they spoke about their own experiences of having to take things back to shops, getting poor service in a restaurant and so on.

In the second part of the class we watched part of the first episode of the series Sherlock, which made Benedict Cumerbatch an international star. The students patiently watched and tried to make sense of things, but by the end of the class it was clear that they'd found it difficult. It's a shame because they really wanted to see it, but we had to admit defeat. Sometimes that's what happens when you bring authentic material to class. If you'd like to try out the worksheet, though, you can find what I used here!