Day 8 (Term 2): Global or local?

We spent a lot of the class today working on passive forms in Unit 8 of Beyond: the use of tenses, passive gerunds and infinitives (eg after modals), having/getting something done, It's thought etc for general opinions. To practise them, students completed arguments for and against a range of environmental issues, like the one one you can see here, and then talked about them. It was good to see the students getting into their group discussions, giving me the chance to listen in and give feedback and support.

I was also aware that the school's exam period is close now. Easter is about as late as it gets this year, so the school's decided to start Term 3 before the holidays, meaning that students have a written exam in two weeks and an oral exam the week after. So before watching the final 10 minutes of The 100 (you can find the worksheet here), we looked at how the FC keyword transformations work, and practised them. Posts will resume again when Term 3 starts.