Day 4 (Term 2): Lefties

A class with a distinctly scientific flavour today. Students described photos like the two here using compound nouns and adjectives, the lexical aim of the lesson, and then had to work out what they all have in common. Can you see what it is? To find out, students read a message on the opening spread of Beyond Unit 6 from a scientist to pupils at her old school encouraging them to consider a carreer in research. In the message, the woman explains how her interest in genetic research was kindled by having a twin sister with a different personality despite their shared DNA. Her current work is on handedness in animals, which turns out to be a particularly human trait. (The people in the photos are left-handed.) The article lead into a 'nature or nurture' debate, giving us the chance to consult the identical twins in the class. Listening to their insights and experiences was fascinating.

We continued with another photo puzzle. Do you notice anything strange about the photos of the man? Can you explain the difference between them? To find out, students read an article in the same unit of Beyond that explains how the blueprint for animal life is external symmetry combined with a carefully controlled level of internal assymmetry. However, although we have a preference for symetrical faces, perfect facial symmetry is not appealing - as the man of the right shows, in a photo created using the mirror image of half of his face.