Day 3 (Term 2): Formal letters

We kicked of with some error analysis from their writing about personal goals. It's one of those tasks that worked unexpectedly well - students said they liked the personal nature of the contents. Interestingly, the errors mostly revolved around lexical issues rather than grammar - word choices like win/earn money and not using ing forms as nouns. From here, we moved on to some work on future continuous and pefrect verb forms, relating them to how their see their own lives unfolding.

The other main focus of the lesson was formal letters. An essential text type for the FC exam, but one younger students often have no experience of writing - in any language. This made the context important, so we looked at a letter from the Writing lesson in Unit 3 of Beyond, sent by students to their school principal about setting up a computer club. Their homework is to write a similar letter, so to prepare, they discussed ideas for their own clubs in groups.

We ended with the first part of the pilot episode of a series I'd never heard of: The Gilmore Girls. You can find the worksheet here. It's a good series for teens - funny but not too adult. The problem we ran up against was the sound quality of the version on YouTube, which made it hard to follow. We'll have to abandon it, but if you can find a better quality source, it's worth a look - and has a great theme tune!