Day 6 (Term 2): Teen life

We started with some activities to review language from last week, including 3-word phrasal verbs related to teenage life. This included the speaking activity here. Students completed the questions and then discussed them. At this point I couldn't resist showing them a legendary clip of comedian Harry Enfield turning into a teenager. Some saw the funny side; others  found his transformation too extreme. See what you think!

Since the class I've looked at the students' homework: advice for me about bringing up teenage kids. It was interesting to read, with a clear pattern: parents should keep calm and not shout. They should listen and not automatically say 'no'. We should also allow them some freedom and privacy. As for dealing with problems, one boy recommended parents gain their teen's trust by talking about their own experiences rather than asking direct questions. Plenty of food for thought!

The class ended with another part of the pilot episode of The 100. You can find the full worksheet here. I've focussed on the passive in one of the exercises because it's the language agenda for our next class.