Day 5 (Term 2): The human body

What's the difference between the images at the top, with blue connections, and those underneath? No one in the class guessed correctly, but they show a male and female brain. Apparently, the connections in the male brain (blue) between the front, where action is coordinated, and the back, where sight is processed, suggest a brain wired for action. The female brain, with connections between hemispheres, makes multitasking easier. The images, taken from Beyond Unit 6, provide a context for studying relative pronouns, which they practised by creating quiz questions about the human body, like REM sleep, during which your eyes move rapidy, is a time when an important activity happens. What activity? (Answer: dreaming)

We switched topic next, and listened to a radio interview from the same Beyond unit. Two teens talk about a book they've written with advice for parents who are having problems with their teenage kids. It's a topic that lead to a lively discussion, and their homework is to write to me with their tips for ensuring a good relationship with my older kids, who are 12 and 14. It'll be interesting to see what they suggest!

We ended the class by starting to watch the pilot episode of the series The 100. I'll post the worksheet next week as it needs some work, but it went down well with the group. It's about a group of teenage delinquents who are sent back to re-colonise Earth generations after a nuclear war made life there impossible. Take a look at the official trailer to find out more!