Day 2 (Term 2): Phrasal verb stories

The lesson started with a review of the phrasal verbs we looked at last week: carry on, work out, set up, take over, sign up for, take up, miss out on, give up, get round to, come up with, give back, put off. They checked their meaning by completing a dialogue in the SB, and they then split into groups to write a story about the woman in the photo using as many of the phrasal verbs as possible. They came up with some great stories, including one in which an evil grandson worked out how to get his hands on her inheritance by getting her to take up parachuting and tampering with her parachute, only to find he'd tampered with the wrong one - with fatal consequences!

Next, we did a listening from Unit 3 in Beyond about a Scottish boarding school in which students live in log cabins in order to learn to be independent, which lead to a focus on two lexical areas: adjective + preposition, verb + adjective/noun + preposition. Once again, they chose to practice this language by writing about themselves for homework. And we finished the class by watching the rest of the Big Bang Theory pilot episode. You can find the worksheet here, but be warned - there are one or two themes that might cause embarrassment!