Day 1 (Term 2): Off with a bang

The new term kicked off with a 'find-someone-who' activity about the very long Christmas break. Traditionally, 'King's Day' on 6th January is the main event in Catalonia, so it had been 4 weeks since the last class.

They were keen to see their exams, discuss answers ... and make challenges to my maths!  We started Unit 3 in Beyond after that, which opens with a look at short- and long-term goals, a neat follow-on from the new year's resolutions that came up in the clas warmer. The SB lesson also introduces a set of phrasal verbs related to goals, and their homework is to write about their own, including some of the verbs if appropriate. They voted last term to practise new language through writing rather than grammar exercises. It's more work for us all, but it's been a success so far.

The class finished with part of the pilot episode of Big Bang Theory, available on YouTube with subtitles in Portuguese! For those of you who know the show, they found Sheldon hard to follow (no surprises there), but were encouraged by Leonard and Penny. They asked to continue next week, which is always a good sign! I'll share the worksheet in the next entry as it needs a little rethinking.