End of term 1

The last classes of term were used for revision for the exam, and for the exam itself. This is very similar to an FCE test, so I made sure they were familiar with all the task types and knew how to deal with them. 

Exam day kicked off with the oral exam. For this, I swapped class with another teacher so that we could assess each other's students' more objectively. Last year the examiner told me that some of my students lacked the language they needed to interract appropriately, so I spent a lot of time this term teaching them phrases for doing this. You can see these here, if you're curious.

Exams are far from perfect as a way of assessing your students' real level of English, but there's something satisfying about finding out how well they did. That was especially true for the oral exam, and there are always surprises - students who who get nervous and don't show what they can really do, but also those who don't say much in class but come across really well in the exam. I was happy and relieved when my spreadsheet showed that everyone in the class had passed the exam as a whole, and that the time invested in developing interaction had paid off in the oral exam. Let's see what 2017 brings!