Day 8 (Term 1): Graphology

Graphology, personality and computer nerds - the three main themes of today's lesson. I started by dictating questions for to discuss: How often do you write by hand? How would you describe your handwriting? Handwriting's a good topic with teens. Despite being in the keyboard age, students here are still required to write most school things by hand to avoid them cutting and pasting work off the Net. The questions lead into a listening from Unit 2 in Beyond that includes an interview with a graphologist. Here's a brief summary of what he says a person's handwriting can tell you about their character:

-Big letters: open, outgoing, not very tactful
-Neat and tidy: sensible and practical
-Sloping to the left: reserved
-Sloping the the right: inventive, sensitive, temperamental
-Written quickly: creative, with an active mind

Students used these insights to analyse each other's handwriting. What do they tell you about yours?

In the last part of the lesson we watched part of the first episode of  popular British comedy The IT Crowd. The class found it a little tough to follow, didn't really get into the humour and suggested Big Bang Theory instead. But if you want to try it with your students, you can find the worksheet here.