Day 4 (Term 1): Memory

Today's lesson ends with a name: Ole Kirk Christiansen. Don't forget it!

It started with me taking in homework. When I suggested they did some grammar exercises at home, some students rebelled, saying 'that's what we always do'. Instead, they suggested practising the same language via writing. So they wrote their answers to a set of questions that they'd discussed in class. As I took in their work, I felt they'd been vindicated, with lots of meaty answers to read through.

The central activity was the listening from Unit 1 in Beyond, a talk about ways to improve your memory. Most students said they had trouble remembering names, and were curious to find out how to improve that ability. And as memorising information for exams is a key part of their lives, they all had lots to say about how they do it. It was also fun to be able to tell them how I went about remembering their names - by really listening first time and trying to associate their appearance with their name in some way.

The class ended with a twenty minutes on one my - and their favourite classroom websites - If you're not familiar with it, it shows videos of songs along with their lyrics, but with some words taken out. How many depends on the level you choose at the start. You play the song and a volunteer comes to the keyboard to fill in the gaps with help from the rest of the class. It's noisy but fun, and only English is used.

Finally, that name. Can you remember it? Do you know who it is? I told students their Edmodo task would be to find out about him, and on Monday I posted The LEGO® Story on Edmodo along with the questions below. You have to watch the first 6 minutes to answer them. (Thanks to Robert Campbell for recommending the video.)

1 Who was Ole Kirk Christiansen?
2 What two misfortunes did suffer at the start of the story?
3 How did he become successful again?
4 Where did the name LEGO come from?