Day 7 (Term 1): Anecdotes

To start the class, students told the urban legends they'd prepared at home. To get them in the mood, we revisited two urban legends from last week's video. I transcribed them and we used the text to work on narrative tenses and word-building . You can download the worksheet here, and the video's here. Some of their stories were familiar, others were new, including one based around tragic events in the Rocafort Metro station in Barcelona! (If you read Spanish, you can find the story here.)

We then spent some time preparing for writing a story. In the Speaking lesson in Beyond Unit 2, one member of the drama group tells others about something scary that happened to him in the street. They used the language from the annecdote to help tell their own ones. We then looked at a fantasy story in the Writing lesson from the SB. Their homework is to write either an anecdote or a fantasy story.

And finally, a song that tells a story. I was worried they might find it too old, but bruce Sprinsteen's The River got applause from them when they finished watching. You can download the lesson plan and lyrics here, but the secret is to give students key words from each of the verses and to get them to try and predict what the story will be about.