Day 6 (Term 1): Urban legends

We started with a question: 'Have you had a good week?' Students thought for a minute or so, and then shared their thoughts. Most complained of having too many exams. Just when I was about to move on, one student asked what I thought about Trump's victory, leading to an interesting discussion. It's great when topics like this are raised by students themselves.

The rest of the lesson focussed again on stories. We reviewed narrative tenses in the SB unit in the context of urban legends. I then got them to tell me some that they knew, and we watched the first two stories on a YouTube video: 8 Urban Legends That Turned Out To Be True. After each one, students recounted what they'd understood in pairs, and established what they were unsure about. They then watched again to resolve doubts. The activity was motivating and rewarding - grappling successfully with real English. Their homework is to find an urban legend online and come to class prepared to tell it to the class from memory.

We spent the part of the class on Lyrics Training. The top song for the day, perhaps inevitably considering the news of Leonard Cohen's death, was Hallelujah, and they chose this song. I was amazed they all knew it, but they told me they'd sang it with their school choirs. It was a moving experience, teenagers singing along to a video of a very old Leonard Choen, still able to work his magic on an amazing song.