Day 5 (Term 1): Storytelling

The class theme today was stories. It started with the photo on the right. In pairs, students discussed the questions below, using the phrases for support:
What can you see in the photo?
When and where do you think it was taken?

Useful phrases
I can see … It looks like … It looks as if he’s … The kids seem to be … I think the photo was taken … because ... Perhaps/Maybe ...

The photo is of a Kamishibai storyteller, a form of story-telling from Japan dating back to the 12th century. It used pictures to depict scenes, and many of the first manga comic artists in the 1950s learned their trade as Kamishibai storytellers. Students read a Kamishibai story from Beyond Unit 2 after speaking. It's about a fisherman who gets taken under the sea by a turtle he saved from an attack by a group of cruel boys. Everyone read the first part of the story, then speculated about how it continues. To find out, they did a jigsaw reading, which made them storytellers too.

And with Halloween so close, the class ended with a scene from The Vampire Diaries. Here are the instructions for students:
1 Dictation. Write down these words/phrases: barge in, brag, auction, kitschy, smitten, awkward, on the rebound, doomed, looker.
2 Use your phones to look up the words.
3 Speculate about what happens in the scene.
4 Listen to the scene (picture off). What happened?
5 Watch. Check your predictions and what you heard in 4.
6 Watch again with the script (click on the link above).
7 Dubbing. Work in pairs. Practise the dialogue between Elena and Damon. When ready, play the scene with the sound off and dub the voices. Can you make your lips synch with the actors' as they speak?