Day 2 (Term 1): Names

It was great to see that most of the class had signed up to Edmodo during the week and answered the photo quiz questions (see previous post). It was fascinating to find out how. One person zoomed in so she could read things in the windows behind the statue. One searched for ‘a statue of a man with a saxophone’. And one searched using the photo itself – something I didn’t know you could do! 

The class today was about names and naming and included a video from the opening spread of Unit 1 in Beyond B2. It's about the story behind different names. It worked well because it’s challenging – completely unscripted vox pop clips of native speakers – but not so hard to understand that it becomes demotivating.  Their homework is to record or film themselves talking about the story behind their name. Their Edmodo task is a post about a name that’s in the news this week. 

We also spent some time looking at naming vocabulary – stage name, nickname, alias, assumed name, maiden name, etc. I wrote some names on the board as a lead-in and asked who they are. Here are the first four. Do you recognise them? (Answers below.) 1 Robert Galbraith 2 Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta 3 The Kun 4 Peter Gene Hernandez. 

The class ended with a song by the last person on the list above. A number of students in the class requested songs by him, and the lyrics for this one felt right for the group. You can download the worksheet here: When I was Your Man.

(Name answers: 1 Writer J.K. Rowling 2 Artist Lady Saga 4 Footballer Sergio Aguero 4 Singer Bruno Mars)